How We Work

Pacific Coast Manufacturing Consultants understands that partnering with a consultant is an investment in your business, both for today and for the future. As with any investment, it is essential that the rate of return is both quantifiable and tangible. This is why our first deliverable on any project is our proprietary ROI contract. In conjunction with our clients, we evaluate the investment by comparing the magnitude and timing of expected gains to the investment costs. By outlining the metrics and targets up front, we can verify success at project completion.

The ROI contract enables our clients to include project cost in the budget planning cycle and ensures that offsetting gains are made within the specified fiscal period. This unique approach guarantees that the projects undertaken by Pacific Coast Manufacturing Consultants will positively impact our clients operating margins.

Our objective is long term and sustainable manufacturing and business improvement. In conjunction with intangible project benefits, such as improvement in employee morale, this is the core of what we provide for our clients.

In short, we offer positive return on investment today; continuous gains tomorrow and beyond.